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Software for the Design and Manufacture
of Optical Thin Film Coatings

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Only Software Spectra offers you the industry's leading software for designing and manufacturing optical thin film coatings that won't require you to take a class or hire an expert to use. It's simple, it's easy, and with our product TFCalc™, you can design coatings for lenses, computer monitors, eyeglasses, window panes, light bulbs, hot and cold mirrors, x-rays mirrors all for an affordable price.

More information about TFCalc:

  • Can maintain the symmetry of a design while it's being optimized.

  • Helps the designer locate the designs that minimize the merit function.

  • Utilizes needle optimization, a powerful tool in designing multilayer coatings.

  • Allows for needle/tunneling, so the designer has more designs from which to choose when it comes to manufacturing.

  • Computes EFI (electrical field intensity) to calculate performance of thin film coatings.

  • Utilizes Monte Carlo method to generate random designs...and then displays results!

  • Can compute the sensitivity of each coating layer of a design.

  • Can simulate the output of an optical monitor, used in the manufacturing thin film coatings.

  • Determines the refractive index of a thin layer coating using variable materials and fitting a dispersion formula.

  • All computations are done with 10-byte extended-precision numbers, which offer about four additional digits. This is important for designs having many layers.

  • TFCalc is used in over 50 countries.

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