TFCalc 3.5 Sample Designs

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This collection of coating designs demonstrates some of TFCalc 3.5's features. These designs are included with the TFCalc 3.5 software. The design files contain comments that have more information about how the coatings were designed.

Bandpass filter

The plot below shows a 13-cavity, 359-layer BP filter created using the prototype method. This method is capable of creating a great variety of bandpass filters for any region of the spectrum.

Plot of bandpass filter performance

Chirped mirror

Using TFCalc's ultra-fast optimization targets, this 40-layer mirror was optimized to have high reflectance and a GDD (group delay dispersion) of -30 fs from 750 nm to 950 nm. It is very easy to design mirrors having other GDD performances.

Plot of chirped mirror performance

AR optimized for an F/1 cone

Using cone-angle optimization targets, a 4-layer AR was optimized to have low reflectance in the range 450-650 nm for a cone of light having a half-angle of 30 degrees.

Plot of AR performance

Gain flattening filter

This 159-layer reflective GFF was optimized to have a high manufacturing yield. It was entered in the 2001 OIC design contest.

Plot of gain flattening filter performance

DWDM bandpass filter

This 5-cavity, 173-layer bandpass filter was found by the TFCalc/WDM software. It has a group delay ripple of 7.6 ps, which is very low for such a narrow BP. It was entered in the 2001 OIC design contest.

Plot of DWDM performance

Reflective phase compensator (RPC) filter

This 87-layer filter seeks to control the group-delay ripple of the 5-cavity bandpass filter shown above. The heavy curve shows the reflectance of the combined filters. The thin curve shows the group delay of the combined filters. The GD ripple of the combined filters is about 0.32 ps, which extremely low. In this design, all but 16 layers are integer multiples of quarter-wave optical thickness. Designs similar to this one were entered in the 2001 OIC design contest.

Plot of RPC performance

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