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Add Coating Calculations to Your Software


  • Programming systems supported:
    • Borland Delphi
    • Borland C++ Builder
    • Microsoft Visual C++
    • More coming

  • Callable from your application or from applications such as Excel(tm) and Mathematica(tm)

  • Accurately simulates the reflection and/or transmission of coated surfaces

  • Computes complex amplitude coefficients

  • Use any TFCalc design file with just one function call

  • Use many coatings simultaneously

  • Includes a separate module for doing calculations with polarized light

Requires TFCalc (any Windows version) and Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7


  • Is this a "scriptable" version of TFCalc? No, the DLL is more like a subroutine package whose functions can be called by software you write, or by software such as Excel. The beauty of a DLL is that it works with a wide variety of programming systems.

  • Can this DLL be distributed with software developed by my company? The single-user version of the DLL requires the end-user to own a copy of TFCalc software. However, there is also an OEM version of the DLL, which can be distributed with your company's software (and which does not require the end-user to own a copy of TFCalc).

  • What kind of polarized light calculations are performed? The TFCalc DLL includes the Jones DLL, which can compute how a ray of polarized light is reflected and refracted by surfaces in an optical system. The Jones calculus is used to perform the calculations. The package includes an example of how polarized light is reflected by a corner cube (solid retro-reflector) with coatings on its four surfaces.

  • Which version of TFCalc is required? Versions TFCalc 2.8 or later will work with the DLL.

  • Can this DLL be used for optical monitoring calculations? In general, optical monitoring calculations require the thickness and index of layers to be varied. This DLL does not allow the user to vary those quantities. However, a new product called MONDLL, does give users this capability.


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