TFCalc/WDM Update

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TFCalc/WDM 1.3 introduces several new features:
  • Adds support for USB keys.

  • Increased the maximum number of cavities to 21.

  • Allow the substrate index to be as low as 1.0, enabling the designer to create WDM designs that are Air-to-Air.

  • Increased the maximum bandwidth to 30% of the central wavelength, enabling the designer to create wider designs.

  • New option: Allow Only Non-decreasing Mirror Profiles. In most good WDM designs, the number of layers in each mirror is non-decreasing from the outside to the center of the design. When this option is used, only designs with non-decreasing mirror profiles are searched. Using this feature can speedup the search for a 15-cavity WDM design by a factor of about 1000.

Download Update

You may download the TFCalc/WDM update. Click for the self-extracting update (348K) and manual (344K)
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