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The following information was added to this web site (most recent is first):

  • TFCalc 3.5.15 works on all versions of Windows working in 32/64-bit.

  • New: TFCalc demo

  • Software update: TFCalc 3.5.15 adds new features

  • Added new coating design: Two Ramp Filters

  • Light Tec a new distributor in Europe, see distributors

  • List of countries where TFCalc is used

  • Added new coating design: Nonpolarizing Beamsplitter for OIC Contest

  • Added new coating design: Triple Bandpass Filter for OIC Contest

  • Added new coating design: Four-Wavelength Bandpass Filter

  • Added new coating design: Symmetric Immersed Beamsplitter

  • TFCalc 3.5 software now includes TFCalc/WDM

  • New distributor in East Asia, see distributors

  • SPR animation example

  • FTR animation example
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